Alamin GSM SMS Gateway - Devices

This is the list of tested devices that Alamin can use. Perhaps a lot of other devices can be used, almost any modem that supports the "text" mode for sending messages. The "pdu" mode is being developed these days (fourth quarter 2004).

In any case, we need to find out if other systems have any problems, so that we would appreciate it if you could tell us of your experience with other devices.

Also, we would like to receive equipment, either as a grant or loan, from the manufacturers for testing purposes in order to certify its operation with the Alamin gateway. To all manufacturers, please get in touch with us.

Although some mobile telephones include an interior modem, the implementation of the AT command set for sending SMS is not supported in text mode, and it is only possible to use them in pdu mode, so that they are not currently supported by Alamin.

* Siemens MC35i GSM dual band (900/1800 MHz) and GPRS class 8.
* Siemens TC35i GSM dual band (900/1800 MHz).
Very robust terminals mainly for M2M apps. RS-232 interface, good documentation.

* Nokia 5110
Very robust. It's really a shame to condemn a telephone to being stuck to a computer for the rest of its life, but on occasion it becomes necessary, and it can serve as backup to a GSM modem. There are no problems using it; however, the battery life will be seriously affected if we aren't careful with its charge/discharge cycle, something difficult to follow when the telephone is out of sight, hidden by the gateway server. Another option is to have it always connected to its AC adaptor and forget the battery altogether. Of course, a data cable would be needed to connect it by its serial port to the server.

* Nokia PremiCell
GSM, discontinued. Currently Nokia 32 is very similar. This device should really be used as a base to connect conventional analog telephones to the GSM network when the possibility of conventional communications cabling is not available. It includes a connector for a data cable to be able to connect to a serial port.

* MoviStart TSM 100v
Carlos García Prado reports about using this mobile phone with its USB interface cable attached to the computer. The device is recognised as /dev/ttyACM0, and after testing the port parameters with minicom you can set the sttystring correctly as described in gsgd.conf to be used with Alamin.

* Alcatel One Touch @ Internet Ready
This telephone includes a modem that only supports pdu mode in the commands for sending and receiving SMS. It will be supported by Alamin in the future. Of course, it's necessary to have the cable from the manufacturer in order to connect it by its serial port to the server.